Family Law

Family Law

If you have a legal issue that involves your family, it is natural to be confused, nervous or frustrated. The law is complicated, which is why professional legal advice is crucial. From our Alabama office, we help families make the best decisions possible for themselves and their loved ones. Mr. Shabani is a divorce attorney who will listen very carefully, knowing that the stakes are high regardless of the type of problem you’re facing.

Protecting You Throughout Life’s Challenges

Our office can assist you with a variety of family law issues, including:

  • Divorce: Whether your case involves litigation, mediation or negotiation, we can help ensure that the results of your divorce and the asset division process are fair.
  • Child custody and support: Court orders involving children are important for the child and parents alike. Our attorneys advocate for the rights of parents as well as the relationship they have with their children. Let us guide you through child custody determination, enforcement, modifications and more.
  • Spousal support: We understand that any spousal support orders must be fair to you, whether you’re the paying or receiving party.
  • Adoption: If you are ready to add a member to your family or formalize your relationship with a child, we can assist you with the adoption process.

Our legal professional utilizes his experience to bring a focused, collaborative approach to all types of divorce and family law matters in Alabama.